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Bacillus bulletin #2                   

Thermostablity Trial Results

Dear  Madam or Sir,                                                                                                                12/15/15

Over the past year I have had the opportunity to meet with a broad assortment of poultry industry professionals. One common question I am asked is whether Bacillus survive the feed pelleting process.  The simple answer to this question is yes, but only if the organism is delivered to the conditioner in the protective endosperm.  An important point of difference is that Lacto Bacillus DFM’s do not have a protective endosperm like the Bacillus microbe does.

MicroLife® probiotics are freeze dried which uniquely insures delivery of 100% viable spores. This provides more consistent and effective microbial concentration levels that withstand the heat pelleting process.  

Enclosed for your review is a recent study that shows our MicroLife® Bacillus licheniformis surviving the 188-193° F and 60 second minimum for the new FSMA 2016 parameters.  Samples were obtained from a commercial mill located in the Southeast US, September, 2015.

When you are looking for ways to improve gut health or for alternative probiotics to replace your current supply or are starting a new ABF program, please consider our Microlife® freeze-dried, carefully characterized, made in the USA DFM’s.  We believe they will provide significant performance and economic benefit to your business. 

We welcome the opportunity to meet your growing needs for quality Direct Fed Microbials.  For more information, please visit www.microlifepoultry.com or call 941.351.2700.

Best regards,

Sean Griffin
Director of Marketing

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