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IPPE 2017 # P279
The effect of Bacillus sp. in broilers to control Clostridium perfringens induced necrotic enteritis.


Assays shows Bacillus Survive Pelleting
The recovery of viable probiotic cell count for all MICROLIFE® L Bacillus Licheniformis samples was more than 100%. These results demonstrated spore survivability of the heat pelletizing process and supported DFM performance results in the field. VIEW PDF


MICROLIFE® SPR Pen Trial Results Q4 2015
All Osprey Biotechnics’ Direct Fed Microbials performance was significantly equal to the AGP BMD 50g/ton treatment with respect to Adjusted Feed Conversion, Average Weight Gain, NE Lesion Scores and Mortality. VIEW PDF

MICROLIFE® L Bacillus Licheniformis Battery Trial Q4 2014
Comparing efficacy of Direct Fed Microbials for the control of necrotic enteritis caused by C. perfringens in broiler chickens. MICROLIFE® L Bacillus licheniformis and two competitor Bacillus licheniformis DFM’s. VIEW PDF

Field Reports

Broiler Water App Field Report Q2 2015
44,000 broilers were given MICROLIFE® L (Bacillus Licheniformis) & Sodium Butyrate via water application and the other house acted as control without both treatments.AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST

Turkey Field Report Q2 2015
Result –One house trial improved symptoms and initiated farm order. AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST

MICROLIFE® L Bacillus Licheniformis Commercial Southeast Coastal Field Trials Q4 2014 AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST
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